The Values And Ethics Of The Social Work Profession Essay

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I believe there is one example of how I have aligned the values and ethics of the social work profession to a practice life experience. This past summer I was a camp counselor at Dickson Valley Camp. It was such a great experience because I got to work with children. One thing I love about camp is that the children have the opportunity to not only learn activity skills like swimming, climbing, and archery, but they get to learn about life skills like patience, creativity, and compassion. During my time as a camp counselor, I had to deal with many conflicts between campers. For example, I had a small group of children that consisted of two sisters. These two sisters where complete opposite of each other. One of the sister was more of a tomboy and the other was more of a girly girl. However, they were both strong, intelligent, and stubborn sisters. It was great getting to know these girls because they were both individually funny and they loved to ask questions about God. Nonetheless, these sisters could not agree on anything and they would continue to fight. It was very difficult for me as a camp counselor because I had great relationships with each sister. However, I knew I needed to step in, not only for their relationship at camp, but for their bond as sisters in the future.
So, how I coordinated the values and ethics of my profession to a life experience is through the value of service and the importance of human relationships. My goal as a camp counselor was to…

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