The Value Of Philosophy And Philosophy Essay example

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The value of Philosophy Determining the “value” of philosophy is comparable to determining the value of any other object, tangible or conceptual, regardless, the value is distinct from person to person. Every person has their own interpretation of value; some can only see the monetary value of an object, person or idea while others carry only sentiment value on an object, person or idea, regardless, what can be true to both extremes of the idea of value is that this object, person or idea is of great importance to someone thus the idea of value can be said to be subjective. If the idea of “value” is said to be subjective then in spite of what I am going to say in this paper, it may only be seen as an opinion to most but I will argue that idea by proving that the value of taking a course in philosophy or majoring in the field of philosophy can broaden your world, weaken the idea of dogmatism and train your mind. To many people, philosophy is said to be the study of opinions blanketed by big words or that is it just the analysis of concepts, never getting to true facts, thus many believe that studying philosophy has no real use outside academia in the “real world”, for instances finding a job. Even a great mind such as Stephen Hawking indicated in his book titled “The Grand Design”, that philosophy is dead. He states "Most of us do not spend most of our time worrying about (the big) questions, but almost all of us worry about them some of the time. Traditionally these are…

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