'The Value Of Nature, And Literature Is The New Latin'

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The Irish author, Clive Staple Lewis, proclaimed that , "Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires...and it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become." (Lewis 10 July. 2015) Literature has reached the 20th century, where technology has rapidly accelerated. A common dilemma that is considered is whether or not the study of literature is potent anymore. The two articles, "The Value Of Nature" by Michael Meyer and "Literature is The New Latin" by Michael Reist, establish opposite rationales. Michael Reist believes that literature has become more of a burden and a waste of time to the students of cyberspace. Moreover, I strongly comply with Michael Meyers 's notion that literature still holds its relevance. First of all, literature flourishes emotions which is crucial to oneself. Second of all, literature allows one to expand their knowledge; therefore, are capable of fervent and critical thinking. Society has altered the mindsets of individuals to believe that literature is redundant, but Michael Meyer implements a more persuasive argument highlighting literature study and ultimately attesting to the fact that it …show more content…
Individuals have a black and white perception, so all information heard is perceived to be obsolete, but those who are open minded to new ideas are able to "move beyond the inevitable boundaries of our lives and cultures because it introduces us to people different from ourselves, places remote from our neighbourhoods, and times other than our own."(Meyer 3) A different way to perceive this is "a spectator at a tennis match sees more if he or she understand the rules and conventions of the game."(Meyer 4) This comes to prove that individuals are not skeptical; hence, miss out on potential opportunities which would make their judgement

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