Essay The Value Of An A

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The Value Of An A

The idea of being a student can mean different things to different people. At some point while travelling through the journey of education the question “why?” pops into mind. Or “why am I even doing this?” This fundamental question defines each individual person’s idea of being a student. Answers to this question ultimately decide what the average person’s plans are after graduating from high school. This question gives each student the drive to fully apply themselves to every assignment. It’s the fuel that is fed to the fire every late night and weekend spent behind a pile of books. Without that answer, whatever it may be for each person, every task seems rather pointless. To find this reason changes the traditional values set in the educational system. It in turn begins to instill new values of success set by the individual. Grades, although very important regarding degrees and graduation, would not be the primary focus. Instead of only wanting to get an A or pass the class the student would rather understand the dynamics of certain courses. Throughout their time in the educational system students have exulted grades and forgotten the basic values of learning. The importance of being a well-rounded student is primarily focusing on genuinely understanding the things taught and their relation to the world around us as well as regarding grades second. Furthermore, the students and their ways of thinking are very influenced by a variety of different…

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