The Value Of American Dream In America

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During the last decade, many people immigrated to the United States of America to pursue the most valuable thing in life. For some people it can be equality of opportunity, financial security, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, self-reliance, or material wealth. Every immigrant has a different dream to achieve in the life that cannot be achieved in the native country. To be success in reaching dream in the United States, many immigrants lost their jobs, education, and relationships in their homeland. Some people describe American dream as being rich and famous. However, most Americans understand under American dream and have a value of a personal freedom, material wealth, and equality of opportunity. The first value that attracts people …show more content…
Many people want to improve their level of life and here, they can have such an opportunity. According to the Maryanne’s article, “Because of the vast riches of the North American continent, the dream came true for many of the immigrants. They achieved material success and many became very attached to material things. Material wealth became to the American people.” I agree with the author that America does have the opportunity to achieve material success, especially for those who come from underdeveloped countries. People with such countries could not have the material wealth, but in USA they are able to realize their dream. Thus, individual wealth and social status in the United States were reached by many people from many countries and I think in nowadays this value still have place in people’s life. Perhaps many people see material wealth as a part of American dream and think that it is easy accessible. Unfortunately, for these kind of people it is true just partly because to get material wealth in the USA people have to work hard. Americans say, “If you work hard, you will have …show more content…
They say that new immigrants often face problem such as equality of opportunity because most of them do not have enough language skills or education. It is not quite true because even if the new immigrants do not have enough language skills or education, they can earn and get it over the time. Therefore, after a certain time, these people will have equal of opportunity to in life and success compering to those who came earlier. Many immigrants who came to the USA from their native country feel more comfortable here than in their own country. According to the Maryanne’s article, “Many found that they did indeed have a better chance to succeed in the United States than in old country. Because millions of these immigrants succeeded, Americans came to believe in equality of opportunity.” The author assert that during the time while immigrants lived in their countries, they did not have equality of opportunity and were very happy to find this in the USA. Even though in early days of the life, immigrants struggle with equality of opportunity, this is can be changed if they will work hard because the USA is lend of opportunity. In addition, constitution and government provide all necessary help for these type of people, which they need to pursue of their happiness. In conclusion, there are

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