Essay The Utilisation Of Information Communication Technology

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Marketing is essentially concerned with voluntary transactional exchanges between producer and consumer. A key element of this exchange process is the ability to communicate and distribute the product/service offer, whilst also building brand loyalty and achieving competitive advantage and market share. Consequently, within the contemporary visitor economy, the utilisation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) is fundamental to modern marketing practice.
This website was submitted to practically demonstrate an understanding of marketing in action. During this commentary section, there would be carried out an analysis of marketing principles and concepts, website design and content, and application of key marketing theory to e-commerce environment.
The Manipura Thermal Spa is a thermal spa located in Leukerbad, Switzerland. The key product/service that the company markets is a spa and medical treatments, as well as products of the product partner. For this type of company, the main target market would be locals and European customers with the income that is above average who are looking for a place to relax or for medical purposes. The promotion of the Manipura Spa as a brand is especially important in order to attract sufficient customers since the spa location is quite isolated and require multiple strategies of advertisement.
The Manipura Thermal Spa website design is composed in simple and classical colour scheme using three neutral and contrasting…

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