The Use Of The Military Aircraft And The Utilization Of Barbed Wire

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World War 1 was lethal, essentially because it saw the use of nineteenth century armed forces manoeuvres with twentieth century machinery. In 1914 the “war of movement” that was expected by most European generals had settled down into an unexpected and seemingly unwinnable war of trenches. Initially with machine guns reinforcing massed rifle fire from the defending trenches, attackers were mowed down by the thousands before they could even get to the other side of “no-man’s-land”. Because of this stalemate a resolution had to be found to progress the war. A solution presented itself in the form of these new technological advancements, which then enabled infiltration of defences more easily. The three innovations that had the most significance were the invention of the tank, the use of the military aircraft and the utilization of barbed wire. The technology had to be damage resistant, easy to manufacture and simple enough for widespread use to be effective in the given fields.
Only 11 years before the war had embarked, the Wright brothers had made the first powered flight. Aviation had progressed rapidly during the run-up to the war but it was still very unsophisticated. However by the end of the war aircraft had transformed and adapted into long-range bombers and deadly fighters. Each side, to deny enemy advantage through via the air, used aircraft. Flying legends were born such as the leading air ‘ace’ on the Western Front, Manfred Von Richthofen. In spite of the fact that…

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