The Use Of Mechanical Instruments Of Music On Worship Services

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God Said: Don’t Do It!
There are religious groups who justify the use of mechanical instruments of music in their worship services based upon the absence of a command that forbids it. And, of course, there is no command in the New Testament that states: “Thou shall not use the mechanical instrument of music in the worship service.”
However, when one looks into the Bible, he learns that, in fact, instrumental music is excluded from the worship service and there are verses in both the Old Testament and the New Testament that teach the principal by which that is accomplished.
After God led Israel’s children out of Egypt by the hand of Moses, they wandered around in the wilderness, grumbling and complaining about almost everything and everybody. They were not satisfied with Moses, their leader, who freed them from slavery.
The Bible says that God fixed the Children of Israel up with clothes and shoes that didn’t wear out. Now, forty years is a long time to wear the same clothes; nonetheless, I knew a man in East Tennessee who sported the same sport coat about that many years and he boasted about it. But, just imagine two of those complaining women talking with each other? One says to the other, “I’m so tired of these shoes; I want a new set.” Then the other woman says, “Well! Look at my bonnet. I hated it when it was new and I’ve been wearing the thing for twenty-five years”. Apparently they didn’t consider the alternative. Without what they had, they would have been…

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