The Use Of Homosexuals On Television Shows Essay example

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The use of homosexuals in television shows Todays television shows are way different than what they used to be. The television industry has changed over the years, 25 years ago you would’ve never heard someone saying something like a bad word or a character doing drugs and being seen as something normal on a television show, it used to be unacceptable. Another example of how television has changed is that now many superheroes are female instead of the traditional male superhero. These are some examples of the many that exist, but I’m going to talk about how nowadays in almost every television show you watch there is a gay or lesbian character and the question is why are television shows doing this? Almost every show nowadays has a homosexual character, but why is it that this occurs nowadays? Over the past two decades the sexual content on television has increased in frequency and explicitness (Brown, 77-92). One of the reasons is because they want the viewers of the show to see that it is normal to have a homosexual person in your circle of friends or to have a homosexual in your class, of course this isn’t the only reason for the appearance of homosexuals in television shows, but we will dig into the other reasons later. Television has been able to have a gay character in almost any television show without the audience being annoyed by it, because let’s face it we are in the twenty first century and homosexuality something normal now, some television shows that…

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