The Use Of Body Cameras On Police Officers Essay example

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There is an underlying code of conduct between the public and the law enforcement. Police officers are to serve the country by protecting its people and the people are should respect the law enforcers. There needs to be trust in that relationship for it to be a successful one. Since the conception of the law enforcement system, there has been a distrust among the the people, especially minorities, towards officers. The police have authority to use their discretion in their use of force to preserve the peace in the land. Because of the numerous violence and deaths of people, predominately minorities, by the hands police officers, people are arguing that the police are using more force than necessary. When cases that involve police brutality are taken to courts, it is usually the officer’s word against a civilian. The courts often rule in favor of the officer because of his or her position. However, there is a solution. This paper will argue that the use of body cameras on police officers will promote trust between the community and police and it will also clear ambiguity in cases of police brutality. In order to prove this statement, a brief history of law enforcement will be presented along with ambiguous cases of police brutality that could have been resolved with body cameras and cases that had better endings because the officer had a body camera.
Early law enforcement in the United States was modeled after the English structure, which consisted of sheriffs, constables,…

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