Essay The Us Vs. Other Countries ' Nursing Programs

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It is a well known fact that nursing in the United States is spectacular. But does anyone ever think about the US vs. other countries’ nursing programs? When anyone thinks of nursing abroad such as in the United Kingdom, the things that pop into their head are usually things like fancy technology, Oxford educated doctors and nurses, or millennium-old medicine practices. But when one thinks of nursing in the United States, they most likely think about the competitiveness, long shifts, and years & years of education. Although both the USA and the UK have stellar nursing programs that go above and beyond to care for their sick, the USA is known to have higher salaries and more education opportunities; but it is really better?

We all know that nurses are important. They care for our sick and are the right-hand-men of doctors. But have we ever thought about what nurses really are? According to the Virginia Henderson in the Medical Dictionary, nursing is the practice in which a nurse assists a sick individual in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery in such a way as to help him/her gain independence as rapidly as possible (Henderson). Nursing is not only caring for our sick, but it’s also requires a scientific method and should not be taken lightly. Without nurses, and their knowledge about how to care for our sick as quickly and as efficiently as possible, we’d all be doomed. Nurses all around the world are much more important than they are…

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