The Unsafe And Safe Space Essay

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An “Unsafe” Safe Space It is no secret that we are living in a world where we have to be careful of everything we say or do. We constantly need to think whether our words and actions will be offensive to a specific culture, race, religion, or anything else. We do not want to exposed to anything that marginalizes some crucial parts of our identity and to maintain these values that are so important to us. That is why the University of Chicago was met with harsh criticisms from throngs of angry people when the institution announced this fall that the institution will not be offering any “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings.” That is why some readers of the New York Times wrote vehement letters to the editor after they read through Judith Shulevitz’ “In Colleges and Hiding From Scary Ideas,” which argued that safe spaces inhibit intellectual growth of university students and coddle them to an unnecessary extent. But, what exactly is a safe space? Shulevitz never precisely defines the term even though she uses it frequently throughout the essay and provides numerous evidences that help the readers infer what she means by this word. I personally believe that her failure to explicitly state the definition of “safe space” is the reason why this essay generated a lot of controversy among the readers. However, upon closer examination, readers can apprehend what Shulevitz means by the word “safe space.” She is certainly not discussing harms of safe spaces that simply allow students to…

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