Essay on The University Of California Los Angeles Campus

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Each Post-Secondary Institution requires various general education classes that must be taken in order to graduate from that institution. The difference among them reflects on that individual institution and the teaching method offered at that school. Though most institutions provide general education courses, at times their subject matter sets them apart (i.e. religious courses). Universities provide their own course description of what needs to be taken at which level in order to provide their students with the proper material they need for their major. Creating a required curriculum that is interesting to students can be quite an arduous task. Curriculum descriptions attempt to appeal to students by making their general education requirements seem useful for the students’ progression to their profession of choice. The goal of course descriptions given by universities is to make certain classes appeal to the students. The course description for the University of California Los Angeles campus highlights four main ideas that are directed towards its students. It shows them how research scholars create and evaluate knew knowledge, it introduces students to ideas about human cultures, it fosters appreciation for diversity, and it develops the intellectual skills of students. With these goals in mind, this particular course description appeals to the student’s logical and emotional sides (logos and pathos). The description creates an idea of the classes that allows students to…

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