Seneca Epistle Education Vs Liberal Education

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Reading both Seneca’s Epistle 88 and The Yale Report I agree with having liberal education in schools. Below I will explain both Seneca’s Epistle and The Yale Report briefly for you to understand my positioning. While reading Seneca’s Epistle 88, it seemed to me that he was against liberal education but he did see some noble factors in it. Seneca believes that the only liberal study that is of any use is the pursuit of wisdom (Seneca, 1917–25). Seneca is against the parts of liberal education that he believes are not valuable knowledge to us, but he does not fully oppose of education. In Seneca’s Epistle he asks if liberal studies makes a man a better person (Seneca, 1917-25). I believe a broad education does make a man a better-rounded individual. If I was a manager …show more content…
The one statement I did agree with of Seneca is when he says about given children liberal education. Not because it can make them morally good, but because it prepares the mind for the acquisition of moral values. (Seneca, 1917-25) Having a broaden knowledge can help you attain new morals.
I agree with the Yale Report of 1828 to an extent. The Yale Report defines the collegiate education as to lay the foundation of the superior education (O’Hara 2015). The development and furthering of the mind is achieved through a classical curriculum. In laying the foundation of a thorough education, it is necessary that all the important mental faculties be brought into exercise. It is

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