Essay about The United States : The Land Of Opportunity

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The United States is has often been known as the “land of opportunity”, a society that helps a child’s success increase and not depend on the wealth from their families. I would say that the United States should be described as varieties of different individuals in different societies that receive a higher chance of mobility through family generations while the downside shows that some may never get out of poverty because of their family structure provided by their parents.
Cheng, Tracy, Foulsham, Kingstone, and Henrich (2013) and Plourde (2008) both believed that prestigious behaviors have rose overtime during human evolution. They believe that prestige is something that is given to us through others. According to Plourde (2008), individuals will do anything to reach “special ranks with dominant forces such as physical violence, threat of violence, or some other means of coercion. Dominance was defined in the article Two Ways to the Top: Evidence That Dominance and Prestige Are Distinct Yet Viable Avenues to Social Rank and Influence by Cheng, Tracy, Foulsham, Kingstone, and Henrich as “the use of force and intimidation to induce fear”.
Bloom and Western (2011) focused more on cohort changes and the differences of education and income mobility based on race. This article is comparing the educational and income mobility between African American and white men. Your socioeconomic status has a lot to do with your children’s opportunities for advancement and shapes what their…

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