Essay on The United States The Federal Government

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In the United States the federal government makes the final decision when it comes to the major political problems of our day. Their word is the law, and most of the time it has the desired effect of extinguishing the problems on a nationwide scale. While this has worked many times in the past, it has never worked and continues to fail when dealing with the national education. Students and their educational needs simply span too broad of a spectrum for the federal government to satisfy each individual 's needs with one blanket statement. As Andrew Smarick, a former official of the education department, said, "The department is essential admitting that the federal government doesn’t know what 's best for the vast majority of the nation 's schools."(1) Instead of allowing the federal government to create laws for schools they don’t know exist, that power should be reserved to states that know how to make the best decisions for their own educational circumstances. This educational revolution has already begun to take place, and schools in the United States are already trying to embrace the change.
Starting in 2001 the "No Child Left Behind" bill has governed the United States ' educational system for over a decade. Over that decade NCBL became outdated and now many teachers believe it sets the expectation of student and teacher success too low, and focuses too much on subjects like English and math while leaving behind subjects like science, art, and history.(1) Along with…

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