The United States Should Take Steps Towards Becoming A Bilingual Country

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Frank Smith once said, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” The United States should take steps towards becoming a bilingual country. Making English the official language in this country would be unconstitutional. Being able to speak more than one language has several different advantages: cognitive and financial. Spanish speakers form the biggest group of people that speak a language other than English in the United States. Bilingualism is practiced in other countries to make communication easier.
Incorporating Spanish as one of the official languages in the United States would be unchallenging. American English is a language that has been developed through the centuries. It does not resemble the British English that was brought during the New World colonization by the British colonists. American English has incorporated words from different languages, specially from Spanish. Félix Rodríguez González said in Spanish Contribution to American English Word Stock: Spanish has made one of the major contributions to English vocabulary. Its influence began to be felt in the sixteenth century, at a time when Spain was a world power in conflict with the English Crown, and it gained new momentum when Spain set foot in America. For historical reasons, most of the Spanish loanwords in English are specific to American English, constituting one of its most distinctive features when compared with British English. (292)

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