The United States President Is The Leader Of The Free World Essay

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The United States President is the leader of the free world. The American people looked to for all aspects of the government. He is expected to come into his presidency and solve all the world’s problems within 4-8 years. He is expected to know all and be able to manage it with style and grace. We want him to be the human representation of a super hero. However, our Presidents are never able to full live up to the American public’s expectations. This is because Americans do not truly understand what roles and influences the President actually possesses when it comes to passing new laws. Our President is being held accountable for things he has no real control over. He has to deal with bureaucracies that have their very own roles to uphold. Therefore, the real question is what the President’s role is, and how he has to work with the bureaucracy when implementing laws and enforcing public policy? The President is in charge of the executive branch. Government by the People states that the President has three central roles in government, “1) commander in chief, 2) diplomat in chief, 3) administrator in chief.” (Magleby, 2015, p. 330) as well as five additional executive powers that he may use at his own discretion which are, “1) the power to nominate judges and the top officers of the government, 2) the power to veto legislation, 3) the power to grant pardons to individuals convicted of federal crimes, 4) the power to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, and 5) the…

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