The United States Of The Massachusetts National Guard Essay

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In the United States of America Springfield, Massachusetts is considered the 12th most dangerous city. Local violence and gang members are over taking over Springfield, MA. The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) along with the local police units in the area are stepping in and putting their military training into good use. Most MSP serve as weekend warrior in the Massachusetts National Guard. The MSP are using counter-insurgency military tactics and employing it into law enforcement counter-gang tactics. The concept is that if military tactics can work in a remote area like Iraq and Afghanistan then it should work here in our own country in Springfield, MA. The MSP started a program back in 2009 called Counter Criminal Continuum (C3) Policing or C3 Policing which is an unconventional approach to an unconventional problem. This helps the community of Springfield, MA win back and take control by policing themselves and their community from violent actions.

The MSP is using the military best practices of military doctrine and unconventional warfare (UW) concept. They are using these actions, but implanting a civilian twist. The Massachusetts Army National Guard has a Special Forces (SF) group, commonly referred to as Green Berets. Within the group they have qualified personal that understands the UW concept, and can use their military knowledge and training towards being a law enforcement officer. Each member of SF has a specialty job that is critical in completing…

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