Essay on The United States Of Oklahoma

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I feel like it is hard to pick out just three because most of the key publics would probably be relevant in any natural disaster. If I had to pick three however, I think I would choose empowered, activists, and lastly disinterested. Disinterested is said to possibly have positive attitudes but unlikely to engage. Empowered are those who have positive attitudes and believe something can be done. Finally, Activists are those who are most willing to engage and commit. Pertaining to audiences, I think were mostly going to be dealing with supporters, sympathizers, and skeptics. For supporters, I think that they’ll understand the University of Oklahoma’s situation and have some empathy towards us. They know that were trying to resolve this crisis best of our ability. This goes for the same for sympathizers. As for skeptics, they’re unsure what to think of this big mess until they hear from someone they trust.
Due to the fact that the University of Oklahoma was struck by a tornado and this can automatically categorized as a natural disaster, this draws in the crisis type known as the “victim cluster”. In this situation, not only are the summer students and those who happen to be living at the University the victims, but so is the University of Oklahoma a victim. Lets say that as President of the University of Oklahoma, I am dealing with a majority-empowered public. They realize that this is a time of crisis and they have a somewhat positive outlook on what most would consider to be…

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