The United States Of American Animal Rights Essay

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Animal Rights: A Movement in the United States of America
The main goal of this research paper is to describe the content and evaluate the impact of the United States of American Animal Rights movement. Although this social movement I will mostly call “animal rights,” it is well within the whole spectrum of the animal liberation movement, such as animal welfare etc. “Animal rights” has a very specific meaning, as one of the many possible approaches that signifies protection for animals. There are clear-cut distinctions amongst all the different approaches and movements, all referred to as “animal rights” that ultimately support the final goal of ending animal abuse and exploitation. Religion can be seen as the first advocates of animal rights; as they protect the sanctity of life. Such as within Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism –where the first advocates of animal rights was found. As these religions show the ethics of the vegetarian and vegan diet. Although not exactly a basis for animal rights, it shows that most religious traditions have mercy or compassion for animals, in regards for ethical treatment for varying degrees.
In prehistoric times, even cave paintings are shown of animals but most often not portrayed as being hunted or eaten. Pythagoras –first documented Greek philosopher who spoke out about ethical treatment of animals. Pythagoras respected all animals, he opposed the eating of meat and killing of animals in sacrifices. Other historic figures that thought…

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