The United States Of America Essay

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This is a fascinating question because it allows the debate to continue on a burning issue that is not getting a lot of attention until recently by one of the Presidential candidates, I will further elaborate on that in my explanation.

My experience is tremendous to this topic because I have witnessed many unfair trade practices in other countries that I have traveled to over the past several years. One problem many countries are faced with is that their counterparts are not living up to their end of the free or equal trade. One country in particular that I used to live in and, that country is Japan. In Japan, anything that is labeled, manufactured or produce in the United States of America is often expensive when the seller is selling the product. The reason why it is so expensive is because they tax it heavily without regards to having mercy that America is the standard bearer for their military which fueling their economic. While I was living in Japan I couldn’t buy American clothing because they are expensive, one Hollister t-shirt would cost me about USD $50-$60, one pair of Levi’s jeans is about USD $200 and other American items that bear the name the United States of America. However, Jamaican products also contracted some hefty markup such as the Jamaica national fruit the Ackee (in a can). Typically, in the United States of America one tin or can of Ackee cost USD $7, in Japan it would cost USD$20. Not to mention that they’re a lot of American and Jamaican…

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