The United States Lost The Vietnam War Essay

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How significant was strategy of ‘search and destroy’ as a reason for the USA’s lack of success in the Vietnam War? The United States lost the Vietnam War due to many reasons for example; team-killing. The American hi-tech tactics consistently eliminated the wrong people and weakened their own troops; however the Viet Cong 's guerrilla tactics were relevant to the nature of the combat.
The Americans were trying to supply a war 8,000 miles from America but the Viet Cong were equipped with firearms and explosives by the Chinese, Soviet Union, and Warsaw Pact allies.
The South Vietnamese regime was weak, brutal and corrupt. The South Vietnamese peasants supported and sheltered the Viet Cong.
In terms of popularity and motivation the war became very unpopular in the US, and lost public support, on the other hand however, the North Vietnamese were motivated, fighting at home to unite their country.

US Tactics

The US fought a high-tech war, B52 bombers, artillery, choppers, napalm and defoliants. This killed many innocent civilians, and failed to stop the Viet Cong guerrillas.
They forced the peasant to leave Viet Cong-controlled areas and made them live in guarded tactical hamlets in loyal areas. This created immense opposition, and allowed Viet Cong infiltrators into loyal areas.

Johnson’s Americanisation

Search and Destroy
Search and Destroy was the idea was to insert ground forces into hostile territory, search out the enemy, destroy them, and…

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