The United States Is Not A Democracy Or A Republic Essay

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Alright, I think it is a little clearer now. I think, in many respects, that we might just be talking past each other. What I was trying to explain in the last comment is that it seemed like you have set up a false dichotomy (either/or); viz., that it is either a democracy or a republic. I think this is where I was confused. I do not think that the terms republic (the way I think you are using it) and democracy are mutually exclusive. Your definition of democracy is fine but, I just want to note it is very generic. While I mentioned in my response that the United States is not a “direct democracy” I see no problem using the word “representative democracy,” and the way you are using republic, synonymously.
The way the word “republic” is thrown around is definitely ambiguous (whether or not you think it is). If you are interested, I would ask you to research that, and hopefully understand what I mean (Cf. the use of the term "republic" from an American perspective compared to what the etymology of the words it through Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Montesquieu, et al; additionally you can actually research cases where the SCOTUS has attempted to define the term “republic” in various aspects of case law.)
When you talk about an electoral college, you are talking about national elections. Again, I think that obfuscates the intent of the original post because you are attempting to subscribe a part to the whole even though, in the next sentence, you retract to talk about…

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