Self Government Research Paper

• Self -Government is a government of a country or a state that is ran by the people, it is a majority rules type government (Patterson, 1990). This was important in the shaping of America, because, it is about individual freedom, it keeps the government from having control over the people.
Separation of Powers is the principle that states that the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government should be divided in power, and used as a whole power (Patterson, 1990). Due to the corruptive nature of power these branches should be separate departments. This was important in the shaping of America to help prevent corruptive government.
• Checks and Balances is a system used to prevent any one branch of government from becoming
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For example, the Executive branch of government can veto a bill from the Legislative branch of government, however, the Legislative Branch has the ability to override the veto. Checks and Balances are a great thing, it does indeed keep all the branches in their departments with limits on power. Any branch of government that exceeds its’ limits of power, can be harmful for the country. Another example of checks and balances is with the president, the president can declare war at any time, however, Congress decides if America actually goes to war. The system of checks and balances helps to protect the best interest of the people and the United States as a whole. The answer to help keep our government from the corruption of power is to have a system of Checks and Balances. Without the system of checks and balances America runs the risk of the government becoming too powerful, and put the country at risk in many ways, from war to another country or tyrant taking America by force. It is true that power is a very dangerous thing, the system of checks and balances is needed, there needs to be a watchful eye on all branches of government. I believe the system of checks and balances provides a sense of comfort among the people of the United …show more content…
I firmly believe power is a very dangerous thing. All throughout the bible we see kings fall from the drunkenness of power. The more man has the more man wants. I believe in the concept of checks and balances, but I don’t feel everything is pulled out into the light for observation. Many government officials have found out on criminal activity, as I mentioned before power is a dangerous thing. I feel there are many good people in the government. I believe our government works together on most things, but as long as man is in charge of anything, disaster

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