The United States Is A Nation Of Immigrants Essay

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The United States is a nation of immigrants, which represents a controversial issue in the United States and the world. Benjamin Franklin in the eighteenth century overwrought by myriad German immigrants would vanquish the influence of the British in the country. Irish immigrants in the nineteenth century were abhorred as sluggish alcoholic. In the twenty-first century, similar consternation is conducted against Latin American immigrants, which an extensive majority of the immigrant population is deported each year. The most predominant Latin American immigration country influence is Mexico. The country shares a border with strains and disagreements with the United States, which can be displayed in the deficiency of support for tactical planning and negotiations aiming to fortify the security and quality of life of Mexican border communities. The period preceding 1846 the Mexican territory was composed by the American states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. In February of 1847, United States military invaded Mexico and the following year the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the former states were consigned to the United States defining the actual border between the two countries. The relations of the neighboring countries have changed through time.
During the second world war, the countries shared good relationship due to their alliance during the war and their interdependent economy. United States and Mexico fought as allies against the Axis…

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