Essay about The United States Is A Multicultural Country

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Living in a nation or society with dissimilar values, beliefs, habits, language, and behaviors for some it is hard. They feel it will corrupt their own beliefs and behaviors tainting the purity of their values and cultures. Some cultures believe this so strongly they turn to violence and genocide. Then there are some, that believe in their cultures and values but they are willing to learn and accept ways of others’ beliefs and behaviors. The United States is a multicultural country however it ranks in the middle, somewhat more diverse than Russia but slightly less diverse than Spain. Both views points are valent, it is important for everyone to have an open mind and appreciate the many different people that make up our society. This does not mean everyone has to believe in the same thing or speak the same language but we have to be able to accept the difference in others while continuing to keep our own culture pure.
Multiculturalism is diverse cultures, I.e. religion, racial, cultural behaviors, and cultural thinking co-existing by acknowledging and hopefully respecting one another cultural differences. The United States is defiantly a multicultural nation; we are still working on being in harmony and accepting the many cultural of this great nation. Even at the time of American independence in 1776, the US was multicultural. the diverse groups of Indian tribes, from the new settlers coming from all over England, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Scotland, Spain and the…

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