The United States Is A Land Of Arguments Essay examples

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The United States is a land of arguments, by nature. Thankfully serious legal arguments can be settled through the judicial system if necessary, as the United States is also a land governed by law. However, interesting situations arise when the law itself is the subject of the argument. Even more interesting situations arise when the Constitution, the supreme law, is the cause for debate.

The situation in question is the status of the Constitution 's life, or lack thereof. Is it a living document, or is it dead? That is, should it be interpreted differently, according to the times, or interpreted precisely as it was intended to be when written? This question is hotly debated throughout politics, as its answer can determine how crucial legal cases play out. As this particular debate is quite deep,I have yet to really make up my mind about which side is right, though my instinct is to support the dead Constitution mindset. Still,I believe I can offer some fairly unbiased thoughts on it to begin with.

There are some things to be said in favor of both sides of the argument, and so I shall do so, starting with the argument for a living Constitution. Perhaps the strongest and most often repeated argument in support of a living Constitution is that "times change, society changes, and therefore law must change." This stems from the idea that no law, however good, can remain static in meaning and effect while also remaining static in overall practicality and quality. As

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