Essay on The United States Into World War I

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There were many factors that contributed to the entry of the United States into World War I. One of these reasons did include the press coverage of German atrocities; however, I would argue that there were other contributing factors of greater importance to the reversal of Wilson’s neutrality and the entry into World War I.

As the Great War progressed, the American media used its national platform to expose the American population to the war that raged on in Europe- through the Federal government, which created the Committee on Public Information in 1917. It ensured that all media was censored with the intention of preventing any non-Allie support whilst also creating a heinous image of the German ‘Huns’. The German atrocities that went on in Belgium were an incident that the American press used to form the basis of anti-German propaganda. The media barbarised the Germans by portraying the invasion as an event as ‘The Rape of Belgium’. Moreover, the U.S. media depicted the Kaiser as a brutish animal. This use of propaganda helped to unite U.S. public opinion and create a sense of patriotism within the U.S. that would later serve Wilson’s retreat from neutrality well.

Another prominent reason why the U.S. joined the war was the unrestricted submarine warfare of Germany, however, I would argue that this had the least effect on Wilson’s decision to go to the war, because the most significant attack on the U.S. before they entered into the war was the sinking of the…

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