The United States Government : Government, Politic And Institutions Have Been Guided By The Constitution

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For over 200, years the United States government, politic and institutions have been guided by the Constitution. The United States government runs different than most nations because of how the Founding Fathers wrote limitations into the constitution on how the government should function and the powers each branches have. There are three different branches in the United State legislative, executive and judicial. The Legislative branch consists of, House of Representatives, Congress and the Senate and their power lies within the first article of the Constitution. Congress is seen as, “…most important representative institution in America government,” (Ginsberg, 273). In the 21st century American citizens view the Congress with less trust and members are only looking out for them self’s.
Government is, “institutions and procedures through which a territory and its people rule (Book). It is important to understand what is government because it is the important to understand the role it plays in the life of citizens. When looking at the role of Congress one needs to understand what the founder wrote about the structure of the branch, “The framers of the Constitution provided for a bicameral legislature- that is, a legislative body consisting of two chambers or house,” (Ginsberg, 273). Through check and balances, none of the three branches should not gain more power over another branch. Through the limited powers, the ideal of the Founding father can be seen in today society.…

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