The United States Foreign Policy Essay

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In the place where the United States has grown into the most powerful nation in the world, the key concepts of liberalism, idealism, and realism have flourished to form the government and; consequently, the United States’ foreign policy. The United States foreign policy has changed throughout time, being very dependent on the national interest of the country. With that being said the largest part of the United States’ outlook on foreign policy is none of these political ideas on foreign policy; but has evolved through the maturing of the United States in some type of neo-policy that was created based upon these three ideas. Through the exploration of the three key concepts of the United States’ foreign policy, the end result is inevitable and will conform as time goes on.
Uniquely, sovereignty to a state is as how personal liberty is connected to an individual. Liberals tend to think about freedom as being a product from the rule of law, countering the beliefs of the conservatives. According to liberals, people have autonomous beliefs and identities, seeking out to form private groups and organizations to achieve their own personal goals and interests. (Moravcsik) Philosophically thinking about government in terms of liberalism derives from the sophist view of government: me, I, and get ahead. Liberals tend to like fast-paced change, and are susceptible to conforming their own ideas to benefit themselves; sometimes, rather than the nation and its foreign policy. The basis…

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