The United States Education System Essay

1652 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
The United States education system has been on a steep decline in the recent years. Americans are no longer the top dogs when it comes to education. Compared to other countries, the United States is going down in rankings based on academic levels of students. There has also been a deterioration of students prepared with the academic skills needed for higher education. Colleges are adapting to the change by enrolling students in classes that teach basic skills needed for collegiate reading, writing, and math. With this unexpected decline in the U.S. education system, a new resolution has been created to reverse the national rankings, prepare students for collegiate-level knowledge, and to make the United States on top in education once again.
To rise to the top of the education ladder, the United States created what is called the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS are standards set in English Language Arts and Mathematics to ensure students K-12 from across the United States are being taught from one set of standards. These standards were created to ensure students could compete on a global scale and have the skills necessary from higher education and the work force. These new Common Core State Standards are different standards than the academic standards recently set by each individual state. Therefore, teachers are scrambling to meet the new rigorous standards. However, there is much discussion over how this can be done and if these new standards will be…

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