Essay on The United States Constitution And The Civil War

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Starting even before the founding of the United States of America, the events that have transpired from the late 1500s within these lands have greatly impacted the lives lived today. From the invasion by the Europeans, decimation of Native American populations, creation of a new nation, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, John Smith’s capitalism, the US Constitution, and other numerous events, every action upon this soil has in one form or another created the conditions for the chance at life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that is the basis for American life. While all of these events have brought American life to a far different place than the Founding Fathers could have ever imagined, the United States Constitution, capitalism, and the might of industrialization as seen during the Civil War are some of the greatest influences from the time period on life today. The United States Constitution is one of the most influential documents ever written and one whose ideals have been adopted by numerous countries across the globe. Without this essential document and the supplemental Bill of Rights, the daily existence of not only the peoples living in America, but also those living abroad would be starkly different. Influenced by many ideals, peoples, and even Native American populations, such as the Iroquois Confederacy, these words form the quintessential document on democracy. This alone is what has allowed the relatively young United States to become one, if not at times…

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