The United States As A Country Of Immigrants Essay

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The United States is known as a country of immigrants. For centuries, people have immigrated to the U.S. from all over the world. With this knowledge, I was shocked when I came to America and witnessed how immigrants and people different from main-stream middle class families are treated. I especially became aware that I was different and that I might be treated differently. While I know that ethnocentrism is not only found in the United States, I did not expect some of the harsh treatments that I received or that I witnessed others receive. I started to think about this and also about why American people and people of my own culture can be ethnocentric. Then, I realized that this is only because they do not know or understand about other cultures. According to Dynneson (1998), it is not only hard to understand very foreign cultures, but it is difficult for people to understand even cultures that they live in very close relation with. Furthermore, he asserts that it might be especially hard for different cultures to live in peace in societies that are extremely diverse, such as most of the world has become or is becoming today. In Dynneson’s words, “The problem for any society that is excessively culturally diverse is that it is open to separatist movements from within the political spectrum” (p. 119). Understanding other cultures, or at least being able to tolerate differences in cultures, is essential in the 21st century. In even the smallest towns anywhere on the earth,…

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