The United States And The Peoples Republic Of China Essay

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The world consists of many different countries whose traditions, beliefs, governments, and way of life differ from one other. As long as there remains a difference, nationals must employ a, method, or methods, to protect the way of life as they see fit. Some countries need to focus more on defending against other counties, whereas others need to focus methods to defend against their own people. Two nations representing both sides of the coin are the United States and the Peoples Republic of China. This can be done through a myriad of ways such as a strong military, varies levels of law enforcement, and an inclusive intelligence community. In a nation such as the United States of America, the focus of the aforementioned entities is to preserve the rule of law domestically and protect the people of the United States from terrorism, both domestically and internationally. Specifically, the intelligence community is tasked with gathering the information needed to gain information and develop intelligence from those wishing to inflict harm on the United States. In a country such as China, the intelligence community plays a different part in the role of protecting what the government deems necessary. China, contrary to the United States, focuses much of the intelligence gathering with a emphasis on domestic threats with few foreign links (Mattis, 2012, pg.50) The objective of the Chinese is to maintain control of the information the people are exposed to, thus controlling…

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