The United States And The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Essay

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In our civilized history as a people we have always had rules to live by in order to have a society that provides safety and security for everyone. In 214 countries some type of criminal justice system is in place. However differences in culture and beliefs make for a very different idea on how to deal with crime. As a relatively young nation the US has had the ability to build a system that can incorporate some of the best ideas from many different places. While both countries may be similar in wanting law and order the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia couldn’t be more different in their execution of criminal justice.
Criminal Justice in the United States began as soon as white European settlers landed in America. Under the leadership of the King of England, colonists brought with them criminal procedure, courts, and crime definitions based off of English common law. The new colonies were governed indirectly by the King of England, so early crimes were mostly against the crown. A representative of the King would travel between the colonies and a system was put in place holding court sessions in each county several times a year. After the revolutionary war, colonists in their infinite wisdom decided to continue these practices. They wrote their new constitution with these principles in mind. Back in Europe, the strength that the church possessed and also religious persecution, showed the settlers that they needed something different. Early on in this country,…

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