Essay on The United States And The Civil War

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The United States was divided between north and south before their separation and the beginning of the civil war. The Southern states that comprised during the Civil War were South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina. These states wanted their own democracy on keeping their slaves and their power. Slaves were in high demand in these plantations and most of them were African Americans. Owners in these states could not stand the idea of losing their slaves, and some movements were formed to advocate for their liberation posed a threat to these people who made use of the slaves’ labor.
These southern states were united by a union which governed them of their power. They started facing challenges which led to secession and beginning of the war. Furthermore, the southern states had become fed up with the system of government, which made them to separate and form their own group. This form of group felt comfortable with regard leadership and decision making. However, there are other reasons why the southern states separated, including fights between slave and non-slave states, the Election of Abraham Lincoln, and the Growth of the Abolition Movement.
Some of the reasons that made the states secede were The Missouri Compromise and the Kansas-Nebraska act which was a conflict that came up among the people who supported slavery and those who were against slavery. Another reason the states separated was the…

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