The United States Affordable Care Act Essay examples

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Statement of the Problem
The United States’ health care insurance is overpriced to the extent in which many individuals are not able to afford it.
Prior Solution and Reasons for Inadequacy
Obama care also known as the Affordable Care Act, was established in 2010 in an attempt to renovate the United States’ healthcare. However, the success of Obamacare was shorted lived and has brought new issues to the American public. First the united states government is unable to explain the policies of the current health insurance. Research found that 25-64 year olds who have a private coverage, only 14% of people understood the concept of deductible and copay. Secondly, the Obamacare cost is one of the highest of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Why is that the United States Affordable Care Act has the highest health expenditure per capita? In comparison to France and Japan who are able to provide sufficient health care at lower prices. Not only healthcare is spent more in the United states, but also the premiums of individuals are higher. The Kaiser Family Foundation has found that cost per family from 2010 was $13,770, but in 2014 it was $16,834; an increase of a little more than $3,000. Obamacare has also implemented Medicaid to help the poor in paying medical bills. However, the quality of service provided to these individuals is inadequate. Many of these people have trouble setting appointments in normal clinic, and often end going to the…

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