The United Nations Security Council Essay

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I. Introduction
In 2011, Operation Unified Protector was a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operation that performed air strikes over Libya, destabilizing the country and enabling the execution of Libya’s dictator of 42 years, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi. The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) justified the Libya Intervention for NATO allies on the grounds of a humanitarian threat thought to occur at the direction of Gaddafi. However, the humanitarian crisis never occurred. Thus, I conclude that the United States, UNSC, and the NATO allies involved in the Intervention are responsible for Libya’s present-day humanitarian catastrophe, destabilization, and the killing of Gaddafi.
In this paper I will provide a brief history of the relations between the U.S. and Libya since 1979 and give an overview of the 2011 NATO-led “Humanitarian Intervention” (Intervention) in Libya. I will examine the stated motivations behind the NATO-backed Intervention that ultimately resulted in regime change. I will explain President Barack Obama’s motivations to move forward with the intervention, as well as his current state of mind on Libya. In addition, I will explain Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motives at the time of the intervention, and then her reasons as revealed in her recently released emails, as well as her recent thoughts on the matter. Similarly, I will show the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron’s interests in joining in the NATO-led coalition and the…

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