The United Nations Human Rights Essay

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Since its humble beginnings as ARPANET, the internet has become a tool in which citizens can “exercise...a range of human rights, and promote progress of a society as a whole” (United Nations 1). If the United States and its allies were to create a space colony, it would be safe to assume that such a colony would feature a democratic form of government. When this colony is developing laws, it is safe to assume that such laws would not differ much from what society currently deems as human rights here on earth. Therefore; a feature of the space colony must be universal access to a liberally self-regulated internet because it is a facilitator of a host of human rights. The advent of the internet has helped promote freedoms such as the right to opinion, expression, and communication, and it has also enabled economic growth. In a new society, it is imperative that a majority of citizens have access to the internet, so as to decrease the “digital divide.” The United Nations Human Rights Council defines the “digital divide” as “the gap between people affective access to digital and information technologies, in particular the Internet” (17). On the space colony there is sure to be internet access, but ensuring that all people- from the wealthy to the poor or the disabled- have access to it will take away notions of inequality. According to the Human Rights Council, the United States has 71.6 internet users per 100 inhabitants, while less developed African nations have…

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