The Unfortunate Results Of Favoritism Essay

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The Unfortunate Results of Favoritism Parents and coaches should not show favoritism because it could impact both the favored and unfavored children. Showing favoritism, whether by a coach, teacher, or especially a parent, can result in how the child feels about themselves, their siblings, or their parents later in their lives. Examples include low self-esteem, behavior problems, and expression of negative emotions towards parents and siblings (Finzi-Dottan, Ricky, and Orna Cohen 5). A study where 1,020 adults between ages forty and fifty-four were tested revealed that with favoritism, relationships between siblings worsened. Growing up without being able to experience the close relationship of siblings is a mistake, as well as avoiding each other in adulthood. Parental favoritism can cause hostile treatment of siblings toward each other, such as guilt and jealousy (Finzi-Dottan, Ricky, and Orna Cohen 4-5). This results in sibling avoidance and lack of communication in the future, and sibling relationships are critical to life (Bluethmann 2). Another study showed that eighty-four percent of mothers would choose a certain child to confide in. That same study revealed that sixty-eight percent of mothers chose a child they were closer to emotionally (Suitor 7). An elderly mother, who has had favorites since she has had kids, admitted that she still turns to her daughter as opposed to her son when she needs something (Bluethmann 2). That means over half of mothers tested…

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