The Unemployment Rate Is A Advantage For The Workers Essay

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Potential decrease in the unemployment rate is another advantage for the workers. Workers in non-standard employment are hired in accordance to the needs of the market (supply and demand). Labour becomes more competitive and efficient to attain jobs and therefore increases the amount of output that increases profitability of the employer. Increase in the profitability of employer creates more jobs and expands the economy. Essentially, non-standard employment operates in accordance to the principles of the free market economy. Chassin (2013) has shown a correlation between the movement towards the free market economy and decrease of unemployment rate by stating that “In Europe, where the regulation of labour markets is very heavy, unemployment rates have generally been higher than in the United State for many years." (p. 1). Employers are willing to hire more independent contractors if there are funds to do so and the competition between workers makes the services more efficient and affordable. The unemployment rate decreases and therefore less people are left without a source of income. Furthermore, New Zealand study performed by Peel and Boxall (2005) found that independent contractors``... largely preferred contracting, had greater opportunities to develop and exercise expertise, felt greater independence and control, and were better paid than permanent employees.`` (as cited in Walker, 2011, p. 19­20). Overall, workers could benefit from a greater autonomy,…

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