The Unemployment Of The United States Unemployment Essay

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For the past century, the United States unemployment rate has fluctuation due to many factors ranging from recessions, depressions, and changes in workforce participation. Within the last decade, the United States endured a recession which caused major implications regarding the amount of jobs available and underemployment taking place. The evaluation of the unemployment of the United States takes into account many factors that many people tend to over look due to the extensive process. As of late, the unemployment rate has rounded out at around 4.9 percent, which is seen by many as an inaccurate statistic due to the vast amount of reasons that do not portray the actual representation of employment. The article "U.S. Adds 161,000 Jobs in October; Jobless Rate Ticks Down to 4.9%" by Ben Leubsdorf at Wall Street journal published an article that delves into the many reasons regarding the recent unemployment rate. This article explains the positives and the negative determenants behind the extremely low unemployment rate. This research paper will dissect the underlying factors pertaining to the unemployment, make comparison to chapter 20 in "Principles of Economics", and make inferences pertaining to the information gathered.
"U.S. Adds 161,000 Jobs in October; Jobless Rate Ticks Down to 4.9%" by Ben Leubsdorf made statistically proved that factors such as lower participation in the workforce, increased wages, etc. The article stated that the lack of participation in…

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