Causes Of Unemployment In Canada

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Unemployment occurs when there is more labour demand than labour supply in a society. The unemployment rate is a tool to define the percentage of unemployed people in the labour force who are seeking a job.

• Unemployment rate.

• Creation of part time jobs to recover for the losses of full time positions.

• Flat and steady growth of the economy

• More unemployment due to the Canadian recession in the oil and sand industries

• Gain of jobs in August comparison to July.

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The graph below shows that there have not been any dramatic changes from July to

August of 2016. Source by: Statistic of Canada.

Statistic in Provinces of Canada

Unemployment Rate

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However, the oil and sand industries have also affected other sectors such as: the house market, entertainment sectors (restaurants, movies, boutiques and more). Reason why Ontario has an increase in unemployment to 6.7% from 6.4% (Statistic Canada, 2016) in July as the house marking is being impacted. In contrast, society created new more part time positions to make for the losses of full time positions in order least the impact in the economy. Still, the unemployment rate increased as new individuals enter the workforce and more people are being layoff. The increase of the unemployment rate was of 0.1% in just one month, this means that the efforts in creating jobs to sustain the economy is below than demand. Alberta contrary to Ontario was able to reduce their unemployment rate by -0.2 in August compared to July. Nevertheless the growth in employments is steady and …show more content…
In this case the government is able to work on their own self-interest by taking into consideration the social interest (this means choices that are best for society). There are two dimension in the social interest efficiency and equity. First of all the creation of new part time jobs was efficient as they were able to provide some jobs, but the people who lose those full time position in order to create part time jobs were affected. The other part is equity, those decisions were not fair as part time positions cannot offer the same benefits and wages a

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