The Unavoidable Occurrence Of War Essay

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The Unavoidable Occurrence War is something that we see almost every day of our lives. Sometimes it is the kind of warfare that is seen in the movies with tanks, planes, machine guns and bombs. A hero in the armed forces, blazing his way through the enemy lines in order to complete his mission. This is typically what comes to mind when someone mentions the word “war.” What many people do not see, is that the meaning of that word is much greater than guns and planes. War is a state of conflict between different groups or nations. This can be groups of coworkers who do not like each other and are in conflict, or two groups of school kids who disagree about something on the playground and end up in a fight. Sports are another good example of how the word war is very broad. The two sports teams who are playing against each other are technically at war because they are, within the rules, fighting each other in order to score more points. Conflict it seems, is quite nearly a psychological need for human beings. It is almost as if we enjoy disagreeing with each other more than we do cooperating with each other. Although one psychologist, William James, wrote “The Moral Equivalent of War” in 1910. This was an essay in which he stated that on a social level, war brings our society together and gives us a sense of unity against a common threat. He said that wars inspire both soldiers and citizens to behave honorably and unselfishly for the greater of their country or the world.…

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