The Un Millennium Development Goals Essay

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UN Women work to enact and implement equal economic rights for all. They are key leaders in creating strategies for equal pay and equal work, better access to employment opportunities, equality in hiring and promotions, leave and unemployment benefits, freedom from sexual harassment in the workplace, and other critical rights.
The UN Millennium development goals are designed to improve and alleviate standards in key areas of human development. These goals focus around the standard of living for millions of people and combat extreme issues that trouble multiple western and eastern countries (cite). The third millennium development goal encompasses education, political participation, and economic empowerment with equality for women as a primary focus. This essay focuses on four projects that UN Women have implemented in order to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goal three. The projects covers the HeForShe solidarity campaign that promotes gender equality by achieving the goal using a top-down strategy by targeting male leaders of governments, universities, and corporations. It includes the improvements through safer market programmes in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. And finally a fundraising initiative to raise money towards reducing violence and changing legislation in the Solomon Island’s. International communication theories are applied to the projects implemented by UN Women and include the centre periphery model, structural imperialism,…

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