The Uk Is a Genuinely Multicultural Society Essay

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‘The UK is a genuinely multi-cultural society which welcomes newcomers and diversity’ The definition of a multi-cultural society refers to a civilization, group, school or any other organization, where people from different races, religion and culture live and work with each other in peace. This means that there are different ‘groups’ of people living in the same or working in the same community side by side without any discrimination. I neither agree nor disagree with this statement. In this essay I will explain why this is. Firstly, a poll result taken of 1000 people on Facebook shows that in May 2013 65% thought that the UK is a good example of a multicultural society, 30% did not and 5% did not know. I think that in …show more content…
there are still the few that are discriminative. I also think that the older generation (65+ as a general rule) are much more intolerant of non-white British citizens, living in the UK, even though many of them have been born and grown up in the UK, than the younger generation. However, I am sure that there are many of the older generation who are not discriminative against people of a different race, religion or culture. The second reason that I disagree with this statement is that there is still violence and murders that occur because of the race or religion of another person. A recent example of this is story: On the afternoon of 22 May 2013, a British Army soldier, Drummer (Private) Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was attacked and killed by two men near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, southeast London, in what has been described as an Islamic terrorist attack. Rigby was off duty and walking along Wellington Street when he was attacked. Two men ran him down with a car, then used knives and a cleaver to stab and hack him to death. The men dragged Rigby's body into the road. The men remained at the scene until police arrived. They told passers-by that they had killed a soldier to avenge the killing of Muslims by the British armed forces. Unarmed police arrived at the scene nine minutes after an emergency call was received and set up a cordon. Armed police officers arrived five minutes later. The assailants, armed with a gun and

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