The Ugly Truth Essay

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Writers Memo Throughout this writing process of argument 3 we got to choose our topic under the category of food politics. There were many topics I had in mind, and was hard to choose which one I wanted to do. I chose the topic of portion sizes in the United States because I feel as if this is one of the most relatable topics especially because it involves all of the United States, and also some other countries. It is a world wide epidemic, and is causing damage to our bodies without us even realizing it. I found a lot of sufficient information to support my reasoning and how it could potentially be fixed. There are small changes that can be made to improve this issue, but it will never be back to the “normal” serving size again. I …show more content…
We live in a fast pace environment where everyone is always on the go, or wanting to go out to eat for entertainment with their family and friends. With restaurants offering their meals on such enormous plates, the portion sizes are becoming much larger to fill them up. As everything gets bigger, bigger then starts to seem like the norm, which makes it difficult for the consumer to determine what is the “right” amount, and the correct serving size. When you go out to eat a lot your body becomes accustomed to that serving size of food so then your body is almost always expecting to consume those large amounts of food daily. Portion sizes are creating an issue in many different ways, such as causing health complications and increasing the obesity rate in the U.S. This issue will continue to increase and become a much larger problem for our future.
One of the biggest reasons for oversized portions is the factor of cost and getting more for your money. At fast food restaurants, you can order multiple cheeseburgers, a large fry, and large drink for less than a home cooked well balanced meal. So people then rely on these unhealthy meals to fill them up because they cost less, and you get more food than you would with a healthy well balanced meal. Research from Harvard School of Public Health suggests that eating a healthy diet versus an

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