The Two Types Of Crime

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Register to read the introduction… There are two types of crime. There are two types of crime. The first type is a felony. If a person commits a felony he'll be in prison for longer than one year. Among the common felonies are murder, robbery, treason rape and kidnapping. The second type of crime is known as a misdemeanor. If a person commits a misdemeanor, he'll be in prison for a year or less. Most common misdemeanor are petty theft, driving drunk and minor in possession of alcohol.
Many people move from rural areas in hope to escape crime, but there is no way of escaping it. No community is crime free (Ball). In the year of 1999 more that 7 million people were victims to violent crime (Bush). About 35 million people are victims of crime every year (Sinner 350). The crime rates are decreasing which is encouraging but we all must pull together to stop all of the crime (Bush)
When anyone becomes a victim of a crime there are a few steps that are needed for them to make. A must report the crime immediately. If not immediately within 120 hours from when the crime took place. If the crime is not reported within 120 hours the victim will need to good excuse for not reporting

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