The Twelve Years A Slave Essay

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Twelve Years a Slave Throughout the novel Twelve Years a Slave, there were many examples of wrongdoing towards the African slaves, a constant example of that was the dehumanization that they faced. Slaves played a crucial role in the southern societies, yet they faced some of the worst treatment that the world has seen to this day. They were unappreciated, abused, and treated as they were lesser than their “owners”. Slaves were disrespected and were given almost none of the rights as the white people in that time period. In addition to that they were separated from their families and were given no sympathy be the people that caused it. To the slave owners and the slave traders, slaves were work horses and were not a worthy as them due to the color of their skin and their origin. They were physically and mentally abused as if they had no feelings or emotions, like they weren’t human. To slave owners they were anything but human, and as long as they were helping them make money, they didn’t care what condition they were in or if they were properly nourished. They were seen as human machines. Slave owners and traders completely dehumanized the slave through abuse, both physical and mental, and slaves were given very limited rights in comparison to the rest of Americans. The biggest and most prominent issue in slavery was the physical abuse that the slaves endured. It ranged anywhere from beatings, being lynched, or being shot, nothing was too violent for the slave owners.…

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